When Sharon Sikora first moved to New Orleans, she knew the city excelled in music, food and Mardi Gras, but she didn't realize the half of it: the rich fabric of neighborhoods, the nooks and crannies and the architectural heritage that she is now familiar with. (And this former New Yorker hasn't shoveled snow from a driveway since her move here in 1979). Sharon enjoys giving a crash course in New Orleans so that her clients not only know where in the city they are most comfortable and happy but where they can get the best gumbo.
Sharon graduated cum laude from Tulane University, raised a daughter in the public schools, and lived Uptown, Lower Garden District, Lakeview, Mid-City, Old Metairie and Algiers. And with her connections in these neighborhoods along with years of experience, she's aware of what's a good value, what isn't and what's hitting the market when. And she's a workhorse, waking at ungodly hours to do what needs doing. If you’re working with Sharon, it’s best to turn the sound off on your mobile device – you may hear pinging in the wee dawn hours!
Sharon is brutally honest and will prevent you from making a financial blunder.  She will tell you, quite frankly, if they house you have chosen has the potential to gain or lose value, is in a risky flood area or in a difficult neighborhood to evacuate in the event of a hurricane. Most out-of-town buyers are not aware of these New Orleans “details”.  “It’s not just a sale, it’s a referral I’m looking for”. 
Sharon is happy to guide you through all phases of a real estate transaction.  One client first came to Sharon as a short term luxury rental.  She then bought a house from her after learning about the neighborhoods and then sold the house three years later in a depressed market – at a profit!  “These are the relationships I like to incubate – they trust me for all their real estate transactions and I won’t let them down.  They are my VIPs and my friends.”
Sharon has placed over 200 people in homes or apartments, including Hollywood producers, film crews, journalists, chefs, Corps of Engineers' workers, politicians, students and professionals. In a fit of insanity, Sharon moved away from New Orleans (to the San Francisco Bay Area during the first dot com era) but missed the Zydeco dancing, the shrimp and oyster po-boys, and the carefree lifestyle. She now lives in a 1900s craftsman cottage near her alma mater and helps her clients find homes and neighborhoods that make them just as happy.